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White Bubble Gum Gelato | Backpackboyz



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Bubblegum Gelato Strain

It has been a little while since I have posted any Backpackboyz stuff lately, and I honestly just have to say there has been so much more to try recently. However, Backpackboyz reminds us with this Bubblegum Gelato they are indeed a staple. Maybe it’s the bubblegum spoof logo on the bag, but I do get a “natural” bubble gum scent that becomes a floral/earthy smell after continuous sniffing.

I do also get hints of a bright gasoline-like scent, and a fierce manure-like undertone. The taste of this bud is terrific. It’s bright, earthy, and sweet. As you inhale, there is that initial earthy sweetness that makes each draw more and more pleasing. As you exhale, you get a deep woody/nutty note, as well as a tinge of sharpie scent-like flavor.

As you can see here, this nug is picture-perfect. Backpackboyz did an excellent job curing and trimming these nugs, making them an effortless experience to break down and roll/pack up.

The effects of the Bubblegum Gelato are definitely best kept for professionals. I found myself feeling sedated and in slow motion, but not mentally laggy. You can certainly get to your day with Bubblegum Gelato, you just need to be determined.

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