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ChemDawg Shatter


As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are marijuana products comprised of concentrated THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and/or CBD (cannabidiol) extracts derived from the cannabis plant. … Shatter has a reputation as the cleanest and purest extract type.


ChemDawg Shatter

ChemDawg Shatter

Chemdawg Shatter Concentrates by True Lion Extracts is a favorite cannabis medicine best for anxiety and pain. Chemdawg Shatter. Cannabis Indica Chemdawg is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS. Cannabis Indica Chemdawg Shatter Dab Concentrates is a very popular cannabis medical strain in Canada.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 72%
CBN: 0.93%

The cannabis concentrate known as shatter has a transparent, amber appearance that looks glassy when cold, but more like thick honey when warm. Shatter is sometimes compared to honey in its color as well. The level of transparency and richness of color vary based on certain factors, such as the amount of moisture and heat used during the process. Also, the liquidity of the product increases as the percentage of terpenes increases.

Shatter is often consumed through the dabbing or vaporizing process, although smoking it mixed with marijuana flower is also possible. Shatter is the most potent of all concentrates, but since it is slightly unstable, over time it changes into budder.

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