A good cup of coffee is enough to kickstart a day. Some buy their coffee on the way to work while others prefer to make their cup at home. For those who take the time to prepare their coffee at home, knowing what makes a good one is important. Here are six factors that will affect the freshly brewed coffee at home.

High-Quality Beans

The type of beans used to make coffee can make a huge difference. High-quality coffee beans are very important. The freshness of the beans can impact their flavor. Choose from many options at Nectar of Life. Arabica and Robusta are the two primary types of coffee beans used today.

  • Arabica. This is considered superior due to its smoother, more subtle flavor profile.
  • Robusta. This coffee bean is known for giving a stronger, bolder, and more bitter flavor.

Grind Consistency

This is another characteristic that affects the quality of coffee. The grind size of the coffee beans plays a crucial role in the extraction process. The brewing methods used will require different grind sizes. Consistency in grind size is also considered. This will ensure an even extraction and a balanced flavor profile.

Coffee is best when consumed fresh. Once coffee beans are ground, they will start to lose their flavor and aroma due to exposure to air. Grind beans just before brewing. Consume immediately and avoid storing brewed coffee for extended periods.

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Brewing Method Used

Different brewing methods are being used these days. Each is unique and used depending on the result that should be achieved. Drip brewing, French press, espresso, pour-over, and cold brew are the commonly used brewing methods. Try different methods to find the much-preferred taste.

Brewing Ratio

Take note of the ratio of coffee to water. This is crucial in determining the strength and flavor of the coffee. As a guide, use one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Adjust accordingly based on personal preference. For those who like their coffee strong, add more ground coffee beans.

Brewing Method Used

Water Quality

Aside from the coffee beans, water quality also affects the overall taste and flavor of the coffee. It is best to use filtered or purified water. These are free from impurities that can alter the taste of the coffee.

Ideal Water Temperature

Watch out for the water temperature when brewing coffee. Ideally, water should be between 195°F and 205°F temperature. This will ensure optimal extraction. Remember that water that is too hot can make the coffee bitter and taste burnt. While water that is too cold may under-extract the coffee and result in a weak brew.

It’s trial and error to find the right combination of beans, brewing method, grind consistency, water temperature, and ratio to achieve a good cup of coffee. But overall, it all comes down to the quality of coffee being used. Go organic to enjoy a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee.